Do I Need Prescription Glasses?

These symptoms are only signs that you can look out for. Ask you doctor for an eye exam to see if prescription glasses are right for you.

The Benefits of Wearing Prescription Glasses

Advantages of Prescription Glasses There comes a point in one’s life when their vision gets the best of them. In that case, it may be a good time to think of getting your eyes checked and corrected, but that time out of your day could be outweighed by the benefits of proper vision.  Better vision […]

What To Know About Astigmatism?

What should you know about Astigmatism? Astigmatism defined Astigmatism is an eye condition due to the imperfect curvature of the lens or the cornea. In standard cases, the lens or the cornea must create a perfect and smooth curvature around the eye area.  With a smooth cornea and lens, the light rays are focused onto […]

Natural Eye Care Tips for Healthy Eyes

Take Care of your Eyes the Natural Way Your sense of sight is one of the important senses that humans have. It’s accountable for about 80% of what we perceive. Our visual acuity is part of our everyday life, and it’s only right that we establish an eye care routine to make sure that it […]

5 Tips to Keep your Eyes Healthy

5 Tips to boost your Eye Health It is easy to get sidetracked with work, with school, and with other things today that you might forget to take care of other equally important things – the health of your eyes Your vision takes part in all you do, may it be for school, for work, or for […]

Are multifocal lenses right for you?

Are multifocal lenses right for you? As you age, vision problems become more likely. A survey in 2015 showed more than 24.4 million people in the US aging 40 and above are affected by cataracts. More people are looking for treatments to give them renewed sight. As your reading and seeing objects up close are […]

7 Contact Cleaning Tips

Unlike prescription glasses, contact lenses are put right into your eye, so the risks for infection are much higher.